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Now available in convenient 4 oz. tins! Our board balm is made of pure organic carnauba wax and organic linseed oil, melted together into a thick paste to safely finish and beautify your cutting boards, wooden spoons and even furniture. We use all-natural, plant-derived products, with no mineral oil or other petrochemicals. Carnauba wax (with a very mild scent reminiscent of candy) is naturally made from a type of palm, while the linseed oil is a cold-pressed food-grade product, also known as flaxseed oil. We don't use the chemically extracted form of linseed oil found in many hardware stores and commercial paints. This balm is a larger version of the one included for free with most custting board purchases. It comes in a tin-plated steel container with a screw top with no added chemicals or fragrances.
You can use Treeboard's board balm for any wooden kitchen products—including our flagship one-piece cutting boards—or for treatment of any unfinished, oil-finished or wax-finished wood. Use a small amount on your fingertip or a clean rag and apply to the wooden surface, using the color change as a guide to cover all areas. After allowing the linseed oil and wax to penetrate the wood for half an hour, buff the surface to remove any excess and increase the shine.
After applying, your wood will be highly water resistant, with water beading up and running off. Apply regularly to frequently used items to maintain finish.
Some use our board balm as a skin moisturizer or as a beauty aid to calm frizzy hair.

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