Large white oak cutting board

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These natural slabs of quality white oak are the favorite product of Will, Treeboard's founder. Read our blogwhite oak has distinctive, darker grain, unmatched durability room to fit a turkey or rack of ribs. The ones our woodworker has produced this week are 23 inches long, nearly 12 inches wide and one-and-three-quarters inches thick (similar to some of the photos of wider boards on this page). We've attached four rubber feet to keep everything high and dry above your kitchen counter.

Unlike our competitors' glued-together assemblies, these are made from a single block of white oak, one of the hardest woods in North America, with high rot resistance and the unparalleled strength to make it an heirloom, with minimal oiling and care. Similar to our hard maple boards, this white oak model is larger and has a more distinctive grain, while sacrificing little hardness.

After cutting the lumber to size, we round the edges, sand them and finish it all with natural, edible raw linseed oil and layer of our exclusive plant-based board balm (sorry, mystery-oil fans, we don't use petroleum-based mineral oil). Each cutting-board order includes a free tin of board balm so you can easily renew the shine after scuffs and slices in the kitchen.

Your board is guaranteed against poor workmanship and is returnable unused (or very lightly used) for 30 days. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, including about different shapes or sizes. Check back often because we often have limited quantities, different sizes, and new products online.

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