Treeboard's founder Will has admired both trees and beautiful wooden objects since childhood, when he climbed trees to read in peace after school and volunteered to dust and oil the family's furniture. His father taught him to use basic carpentry tools, but more importantly he taught him to use an ax and a saw to responsibly cut lumber and firewood.

After a family tragedy in 2019, Will returned to his love of wood and began cutting up an already-fallen oak tree near his family's house in Maryland. He discovered that solid slabs of wood can make beautiful coffee tables, cutting board and other products.

By comparison, particle board, plywood and veneer are less satisfying. And you don't need exotic wood with a fancy name when plenty of American species bring so much strength and beauty.

Treeboard's love for local wood means we look for sustainable lumberusually from naturally fallen trees, wood cut by tree-trimmers out of necessity or lumber cleared from new home sites.

Still, we want to give back to the forests that sustain our business, and on Feb. 26 Treeboard placed an order with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for 100 hardwood trees that we'll plant this year around our community. Next year we'll make sure we've planted a tree for every single order we receive--including yours.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments about the business, our products, or the shipping and returns policy.