Treeboard's founder Will fell in love with trees and wooden objects in his early childhood.

After a family tragedy in 2019, Will returned to his love of wood and began cutting up an already-fallen oak tree near his family's house in Maryland. He discovered that natural, solid slabs of hardwood can make beautiful coffee tables, cutting boards and other products. By comparison, particle board, plywood and laminated strips of wood seem less satisfyingand they also contain glue and petroleum products.

Since then, Treeboard has been committed to making pure wooden products for your kitchen and home, while helping preserve North American forests.


Clinton is a professional cabinetmaker who serves as Treeboard's woodworker. The grandson of a carpenter and homebuilder in England, Clinton served for years in the U.S. armed forces and recently returned to his passion for wood. With years of experience making furniture and renovating homes, Clinton has a fine eye for bringing out the best in quality hardwood.