Large cherry serving board

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New product! These beautiful solid cherry cutting boards will blow your family members and guests away. Think of them as an heirloom canvas for your cheese, charcuterie or anything else you want to service before, during or after the main course.

Black cherry is the classic American furniture wood, with beautiful pinkish grain that is guaranteed to oxidize over time to a reddish brown if kept in a light place.

Cherry isn't as hard as white oak or hard maple, so we wouldn't recommend it for heavy chopping, but these boards are perfect for serving food or light duty with a knife.

At around an an inch and a half thick, is kiln-dried in the Western part of the Pennsylvania and shapped right in our own Maryland workshop. Unlike our competitors, we use no glued-together strips or scraps. The latest boards we have are relatively light-colord, with a pink hue reminiscent of rose wine that will darken over time to reddish-brown.

To help resist moisture, our boards are finished first with food-grade raw linseed oil and then our proprietary board balm, a 100% plant-based and organic mixture of linseed oil and carnauba wax (no petroleum, mineral or animal products). Each order includes a free 2 oz. can of board balm so you can easily renew the shine after scuffs and slices in the kitchen. The complimentary feet are attached with stainless-steel screws.

For more on what makes a great cutting board, please check out our blog. We have a new post highlighting nine myths about linseed oil and flaxseed oil.

Your board is guaranteed against defects or poor workmanship, and returns are welcome for 30 days. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, including about different shapes or sizes.

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