Tree-Planting Group Thanks Treeboard for its Support

Tree-Planting Group Thanks Treeboard for its Support

23rd Nov 2023

Treeboard's main charitable organization, Green Forests Work, featured us in its summer newsletter after we donated thousands of dollars last year to the effort, which plants trees in the Appalachians, often on land formerly used for mining.

"Thanks to Treeboard's generous contribution this past December, we were able to plant an additional 2,000 trees during our spring tree planting!" writes Green Forests Work.

Every cutting-board order from our customers generates a $3 donation to the group, which completely pays for the planting of one tree.

The tree species used by Treeboard--white oak, sugar maple and black cherry--are not threatened and plentifully available. We're doing our best to keep them that way. 

Here are some highlights from Green Forests Work: