The Guardian Newspaper Recommends Treeboard!

The Guardian Newspaper Recommends Treeboard!

7th Feb 2023

Treeboard got the perfect holiday gift in December when an article in The Guardian newspaper gave us its full endorsement.

In the December 2 piece on The Guardian's homepage, consumer reporter Tom Perkins wrote, "Treeboard is among the few companies I found using a single piece of wood and safe finish." In the article, Perkins was warning about chemicals--including petroleum-based mineral oil--that are frequently found in kitchens.

"Be aware that many boards are finished with food grade mineral oil. Some say it’s safe, but it is petroleum-based, and, depending on how well it is refined, mineral oil at high levels can be carcinogenic," he writes.

Treeboard uses only plant-based linseed oil and carnauba wax, naturally refined.

Since the Guardian article, we've been benefiting from increased web traffic and interest in our products, and we hope to continue to grow. We used a big portion of the extra revenue in December to make a donation to Green Forests Work.

(Illustration on home page is by Julia Louise Pereira for The Guardian.)