We Made a Big Donation to Plant Trees

We Made a Big Donation to Plant Trees

7th Feb 2023

In December we made our first of what we hope will be many contributions to Green Forests Work, a charitable organization that spends almost all its donations on replanting Appalachian forests. 

For a small family business, a donation of $6,000 feels significant, and we hope to keep giving enough to actually plant a tree for every order of a cutting board or other wooden product. The December donation should support the full cost of planting 2,000 trees. (Please see our certificate below.)

Green Forests Work specializes in planting tress on distressed Appalachian land affected by coal mines or other processes that have hurt the environment. The organization also plants at other sites throughout the region--the same part of the country where we get our sustainably harvested lumber. In total the group has planed 5 million trees on 9,400 acres.

Thanks to our customers for keeping us in business and helping us grow so we can make these donations year after year.