We Planted 100 Trees

We Planted 100 Trees

4th Apr 2020

The good news is that we got our seedlings from the state nursery, but the bad news is that with virus-related restrictions we haven’t been able to get out and offer to plant them at neighbors' homes or nearby businesses. In fact, we were lucky to get trees at all, since the state nursery posted a message saying no more orders are being taken this year. 

Without the ability to plant to trees more widely, we decided to get them into the soil on our own land and a neighboring public forest. On Wednesday we put 25 swamp white oaks in the ground, and on Thursday it was 25 black locusts and 25 wild cherries. On Friday, we planted 25 red maples. The seedlings benefited form a early-morning shower on Saturday.

All of these are trees native to Maryland that should do well here, and all will potentially yield useful lumber for making furniture, chopping blocks or wooden sculptures in the future.

If you live near us and would like a small tree, we’re very happy to dig one up and bring it to you in a pot or put it in the ground at your place. You can see more about our tree-planting program at this link. We’re committing to planting a tree for every order from, and next year we hope to order a greater number from the state nursery.

Have you seen our solid oak coffee tables?