We Planted 100 More Trees

We Planted 100 More Trees

22nd Apr 2021

It's spring again (not to mention Earth Day), and we're happy to announce that we planted 100 more trees, following through on a commitment to put a seedling in the ground for every single order that's shipped with a wooden product inside.

This year we ordered 50 Douglas firs and 50 white pines from Maryland's state nursery, planting nearly all of them near Treeboard's headquarters. These two species, one from the western side of the continent and one from the East Coast, are almost indisputably North America's most impressive conifers, used for generations in everything from shipbuilding (white pine) to beautiful timber-framed homes (Douglas fir in the west).

Another reason to plant them is they look so beautiful year-round, showing their green needles (both are technically pines) when the tulip poplars and maples have lost their leaves for the winter.

Happy to report that many of the trees we planed last year are showing leaves this chilly spring, although we have had some casualties. Meanwhile, we'll keep the tree-planting going as long as we get new orders from you.