From Solid Oak Tree to Cutting Board

From Solid Oak Tree to Cutting Board

17th Dec 2019

Treeboard is different because we love real trees and solid wood, not scraps and veneer. 

Here are the steps we use to create beautiful, natural cutting boards, with similar processes for other products:

  1. Find a tree or log, so far from a tree that fell naturally.
  2. Cut sections out with a chainsaw
  3. Prepare slabs featuring tough end grain as well as stunning quarter-sawn wood
  4. Dry the wood slabs with a combination of fresh air, fans, and solar kilns or ovens.
  5. Plane the slabs into flat boards
  6. Sand and trim the boards
  7. Apply an natural finish with raw linseed oil or a similar food-grade material
  8. Mark the finished product with a frighteningly hot metal brand
  9. Prepare for shipping
  10. Track the package to your door and ensure customer satisfaction.