Gyuto multipurpose knife

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Our first knife! Made in Japan by the Misono firm, this stain-resistant knife is a multipupose mainstay.

After scouring the East Coast for the best knife for our customers, this is the one we came up with, a scary-sharp, lifght and perfectly balanced small Japanese gyuto (which means "beef sword" but is now the Asian equivalent of a general chef's knife).

The 180 mm gyuto is the shortest one Misono makes in Seki, Japan (a swordsmith center for centuries). It's not a machete and isn't suitable for cutting lobsters, bony meat or stubborn root vegetables. (It's too light, and you don't want to mess up the tip.) We'll be suggesting another knife soon for those tasks. It's also not long enough for mass-producing meals for restaurants or large family gatherings.

But it's the best knife we've ever had for cutting food, from hanger steak to broccoli. Claim one for your kitchen at a competitive price.