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Our first end-grain cutting boards have arrived, with more on the way! Many chefs and home cooks prefer the tough end-grain orientation, which allows the knife to penetrate the board slightly without significant dulling, chop after chop. End-grain boards also show off the hardwood tree rings.

The end-grain boards available at most retailers are typically made of scraps of hardwood glued together, but ours are hewn from solid slabs of oak. The result is a durable, attractive, board with no artificial chemicals, glues or veneers. We've even included a live edge and with each board. The finish is 100% raw linseed oil, also known as flaxseed oil, and each board comes with a free bottle of oil to help renew your finish.

These end-grain boards are about 9 inches by 9 inches (23 cm by 23 cm), with some larger or smaller, often with an irregular shape. We try to avoid cracks and blemishes as much as possible, but this is a natural product that can display discoloration, flaws, impurities, etc. Prefer a different size? Check out our big end-grain boards or feel free to contact us or call at (301) 421-0263.

Or prefer a board that has fewer imperfections and needs less oiling and maintenance? Then check out our edge-grain boards, now made of solid blocks of hard maple. For an exclusive blog article that explains what's desirable in wooden cutting boards, click here.

Cutting boards have a one-year warranty for normal household use, assuming they're not immersed or left in contact with water or other liquids. Note: medium and jumbo boards vary a bit in size, and some contain natural stains, small cracks or blemishes that we seek to smooth and seal.